Tuesday, May 3, 2011

poems for pictures

    poems for pictures

    poems for pictures poems for pictures poems for pictures

    poems for pictures poems for pictures poems for pictures

    Journalism is organized gossip. ~Edward Egglestone

    The recognition of private property has really harmed Individualism, and obscured it, by confusing a man with what he possesses. It has led Individualism entirely astray. It has made gain, not growth its aim. So that man thought that the important thing is to have, and did not know that the important thing is to be. ~Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man Under Socialism

    But that's what being an artist is - feeling crummy before everyone else feels crummy. ~The New Yorker

    People are resilient. After all, every person born has recovered from nine months on life support. ~Robert Brault, www.robertbrault.com

    One way to prevent conversation from being boring is to say the wrong thing. ~Frank Sheed

    You see, when weaving a blanket, an Indian woman leaves a flaw in the weaving of that blanket to let the soul out. ~Martha Graham

    Music is the cup which holds the wine of silence. ~Robert Fripp

    In religion and politics, people's beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination. ~Mark Twain

    Silence is a text easy to misread. ~A.A. Attanasio

    There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, Letters and Social Aims

    Nature never goes out of style. ~Author Unknown

    The process of maturing is an art to be learned, an effort to be sustained. By the age of fifty you have made yourself what you are, and if it is good, it is better than your youth. ~Marya Mannes, More in Anger, 1958

    I put the question directly to myself: "Suppose that all your objects in life were realized; that all the changes in institutions and opinions which you are looking forward to, could be completely effected at this very instant: would this be a great joy and happiness to you?" And an irrepressible self-consciousness distinctly answered, "No!" ~John Stuart Mill, Autobiography, 1909

    Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. ~Mohammed Ali

    A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke. ~Rudyard Kipling, The Betrothed

    Let the dead bury their dead. ~Matthew 8:22

    So great moreover is the regard of the law for private property, that it will not authorize the least violation of it; no, not even for the general good of the whole community. ~William Blackstone

    It is a perversely human perception that animals in their native habitat are running wild. ~Robert Brault, www.robertbrault.com

    When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home. ~Betty Bender

    Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. ~David Frost

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